September 28th, 2008

Randomly (a)musing

We all like eggs.

Sure we do.

But while the shell of the egg is part of the essence of what makes an egg an egg, we don't want to consume the shell.

We only want the soft insides of an egg. The tough exterior goes into the waste bin.

Thus I know what I want.

And concordantly, I wouldn't care about whether the shell is a quintessential part of the egg. I will do without it, even if (for those who are really anal) you argue that an egg without the shell is no longer truly an egg.

Give me a shell-less egg any day.

Oh and I like unbalanced sugar overdoses. So add to my list a gigantic ball of cotton candy.

So much empty calories it's fulfilling!

LHC causes armageddon, gamers rejoice

Nothing new but...

Gordon Freeman was spotted at the Large Hard-on Collider.

Anyone who's played Half-Life would attest to the fact that having Mr Freeman in the vicinity of important scientific experiments (especially those involving complicated science equipment located in a huge laboratory complex dug in the ground) more often than not ends in disaster.

Generally, the fiasco begins with aliens coming through portals created by the experiment. Ultimately an advanced alien race conquers Earth and enslaves humanity.

But at least that sure beats having the entire planet sucked into a black hole.

In the meantime...

Keep your crowbars handy, ladies and gentlemen!