September 24th, 2008

Imma move

I just completed preliminary research into webhosting. I guess I really am going through with the idea of getting a hosted blog.

It is kinda like how some men have affairs and buy fast cars when they have a mid-life crisis. Well, I'm having a quarter life crisis now, alright. Except instead of cheating on my gal and purchasing a remote control car (real car later ok - the million dollar deal is still on) I start a hosted blog.

Speaking of the million dollar deal, I made a bet with Kevin some time ago that by the end of my 2nd year at NUS I'll have a net worth of USD1,000,000 or he gets to bitch-slap me. Additionally at the end of my 4th year (or 1st year out of uni depending on whether I get honoured) he gets to sucker punch me.

Ridiculous eh.

Well, it's just as ridiculous as thinking that the Large Hadron Collider is going to kill us all.

The only thing the LHC has achieved so far is to provide a lot of fodder for doomsayers and of course gay porn.

Gay porn?

Well yes. What do you think a Large Hard-on Collider would refer to...