August 30th, 2008

Like, omfg

I was stepping out of Hall today to get my bloody printer fixed (a story for another post I promise!) when I walked past two gals.

Gal 1: Heyyyyy Roger!!

Me: Erm...??

Gal 1: don't remember me?

Me: Uh...I'm bad with names and faces.

Gal 1: This is the second time already!

Gal 2
: Huh so you don't remember me too?

: Nope...?

Gal 1 + 2: *tulan*

Me: *tries to rack brains on identity of duo*

Seriously wattafak.

It's like I'm a US Army Humvee peacefully driving along Al-Fakher street in Baghdad minding my own business and checking out the chicks decked out in their burqas (wow I see a wrist! omfg) when I get hit by a roadside IED of sorts.

Even now I'm racking my brains trying to remember where I met them. Lectures? Hall? CCA's? JC? Off the street?

Generally, if I've added you on Facebook and you've had face-time with me for upwards of an hour you'd be saved in my mental phonebook.

On the other hand if you're on my Facebook and have hung out with me awhile yet I still cannot remember you, its probably not my fault. You're probably just not noticable enough to stand out in my memory =P

If you're as freaky as this chap I'd definitely remember you.

Nonetheless there's a lot of folks I've met randomly who I've not Facebooked or gotten to know better yet...

Which leads me back to the main situation. What's a good comeback for 'you've don't remember me?!'?

How about..

"Nope. You blend in with the wallpaper you see."

"Oh fuck. Did we have sex before?"

"Please don't tell me you know what I did last summer... *break into story of crazy events last summer*"

"Are you a swimsuit model with a 36D bustline? No? Ok that explains it."

"Should I?"