July 31st, 2008

Set a CORS for nowhere!

I'm doing my CORS thing.. pretty much at random.

I like university. I get to take whatever the fuck catches my interest and I even get credits for them.

Modern Archi-techy sounds great. Yeappp I'm just made for it.

A discourse on huge phallic symbols? Why not! It's made of 100% authentic WIN.

But that's not  too awesome. It'll be 500% more awesome if I can put together my own module via suggestions to the dean.

I'll call it GEK1066 - Introduction to Lethal Device Construction.

If I get a budget I'll import actual experienced IED engineers from the University of Baghdad.

Prof Achmed: "Slowly attach the trigger to the ammonium nitrate....SLOWLY! Or I KILL you!"


"..YOU FOOL! SLOWLY!!! I KILL YOU! ...oh wait you dead hahahah! I  made joke!!"

EDIT: Apparently I can't take Archi-Techi cos I've maxed out my MC's (20). Uni is somewhat awesome for forcing me to work less.