July 24th, 2008


People!! I have left my bohemian lifestyle of complete slacking back home and moved to a residence within the campus of a prominent Singaporean university.

The Hall's name sounds not unlike a tool used to prune bushes and other Shabery Cheek shrubbery.

The Room. Small but livable. The floors are greasy tho.. yuck.

The bed. Where all the action happens. Oh yeah.

An inspirational message on the toilet door for those with... problems of a constipatory nature.

Okay so now you know I'm alive and survived the journey on Malaysian highways.

Now it's off to figure out CORS, UEM, USP, WTF, OMG and other fucking acronyms. Not cool.

Seriously, acronyms are only cool if they're used to label weapons. Like MOAB (Mother Of All Bombs) or MANPADS (no it's not a panty-liner for men - it's MAN Portable Air Defence System) or SODOMY (Strike Offensive Destructive Ordinance - Medium Yield).