July 7th, 2008

IT Mamak

Last Tuesday, Dinesh, the missus and I went to makan at Ali Maju kat PBD.

Biasa lah, so I'll skip the unnecessary details.

When we went to pay aight, something on the Ali Maju business card intrigued Dinesh, for one reason:

It had an email address and website listed.

"Wahhhhh mamak these days very advanced ar!! Got website all!"
Me: "Ya lah. Ali MAJU ma!"
Cashier: =_____=

What's next?

Online food order  and delivery service?

YouTube advertisment? Ah, wait - RK Eating House already does that.

Mamaks even have a theme song:

And... they even have a Wikipedia entry...


OMFG I started that page a loooong time ago!!!!

Other users have added more sections to it, but there's still parts of my original post still there.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have made my mark on the world.  Thus, I can die happy now.