June 24th, 2008

Work work

I'm blogging off my new laptop, so no photos for now since they're all on my desktop or stashed in an Imageshack account that I'm too lazy to access now.

Aight moving on. I got a temporary job at some paint coatings exhibition.

Yes I have a job. Believe it motherfucker. I'm actually going to generate some value for a company!! Wow, amazing!!

However, whole thing only starts proper tomorrow, so Imma talk about something else.

Something else like how I am a brat spoiled by the wonderful public transportation system in Singapore. Thus, when I am confronted with waiting for any form of public transport for longer than 15 minutes, I feel it to be an inexcusable atrocity.

Nonetheless, that's a given with our world famous Malaysian pubic transportation system. I can bear with it. I'm the ghetto kid who took pubic transportation back in the day.

Except now petrol costs more here. And thus if you would use your wonderous common sense to do what economists try to do with their convulted supply demand curves...

...you'd realise that people will avoid driving their vehicles to avoid paying the exorbitant fuel prices. Thus! They will all cram into our tiny 3 carriage KTM's, making the squeeze just somewhat tighter than a pair of Kate Moss' jeans on Jabba the Hut.

That's fine and all, except some people don't have excellent personal hygiene. Therefore the experience taking a rush hour commute can quite frankly be compared to the plight of the Kurds when Saddam gassed them. Except of course the Kurds died within minutes.

Chemical warfare aside, after work today I went to catch Get Smart with the missus and co. All I can say is Anne Hathaway is hot, and the movie's funny shit. Rawr.