May 29th, 2008


Some craaazie insane tourism video by the Japanese:

I think the rock band guys look kakkoi enough, but seriously....

*points to nipple* THIS IS BEACH!

*girls appear on screen* THIS IS BITCH!

Unintended message, yes. But it sure does make me wanna go to Okinawa :D

On another note, if you think Japan's a nice and orderly place where everyone follows the law and anarchists are far and few in between, you haven't met the minority.

But of course we all know that the minority can never win elections that cater to the majority! Isn't that unfair?

Well, yes according to this guy; a champion of the minority!

OBLITERATE THIS NATION!!!!!!!! *pops the birdie*

In Japan during the erections, all campaigning candidates get an equal amount of airtime to expound their magnificent views. Additionally, their broadcasts are completely uncensored to ensure the media cannot unfairly restrict the message of any one candidate. I love democracy. We should have this here in Malaysia too!