May 20th, 2008


If you like American Pie or Superbad or anything where the main plot is centered around getting wasted or laid or both simultaneously, chances are you're a fan of fratire.

Fratire is the male equivalent of chicklit, a genre that focuses on modern day chick stuff like shopping and relationships and work and well Sex and the City. Yes they're shallow genres that make puddles look like the Mariana trench. But hey, I'm not judgmental about my cheap entertainment sources.

Anyway the point of this is that I added a new link in my worthy reads list:

Yes it is fratire, the author something like Stiffler of American Pie. He gets wasted and fucks more pussy than the Surgeon General would consider medically safe while being a well-balanced all-rounded asshole.

If you're a whimpy chode who has chronic door-mat-syndrome, go read some fratire and sprout some testicles out of your vagina. Thank you sekian terima kasih.