May 4th, 2008


My parents don't get along with me simply because I am me.

Or rather because I have a set of life values and philosophies that run counter to theirs.

I believe in not conforming, that there is always a better way to do things than the majority usually do. I believe in a life lived without fear of failure - not because I enjoy failure but because I am confident I can hedge my risks with knowledge; and when I do fail I can take it positively, learn from it and put it behind me. I want to live driven by desire of success rather than simply reacting to the fear of failure.

Essentially I'm labeled an anarchist.

Which makes me fuckin' cool by the way.

I feel my view is shared and expressed better by Tynan. Please read his post here.

"There are massive benefits to living differently. It makes you think about things rather than going through life like a sheep. You feel proud about your life because it’s something you have built, rather than something that you were shoehorned into. You can’t help but be constantly happy because you are doing what you want to be doing, not what you’re told you want to be doing."

In other news I went for Ben&Jerry's Free Cone Day last Tuesday!

and I dropped by Great World City, simply because that place is deader than dried salted fish. Which was a good idea since we waited less than 5 minutes for the cones.

Yes I am gloating to the folks out there who went to Cathay or Vivo and had to wait 3 hours haa!

Fish lurrrve ice cream!!