May 1st, 2008

Trained to be Inefficient

Happy Labour Day!!

Lack of posts thanks to internet diet. I wanted to blabber more about this but decided to condense it.

Anyway enough about me. On to the topic du jour!

I was in Singapore the last few days. No don't expect me to write anything about that - I'm lazier than a couch potato who had an operation done to place his stomach is outside his chest cavity - just so he can save himself the trouble of chewing. I hope I grossed you out.

When it was time for me to go back, it turned out that there were no bus tickets left. Apparently everyone wanted to split town just because it was Labour Day the following day (today la).

So... I was left with one choice... the Katie M. 'Why not,' I thought - it would be an experience.

The half a kilometer long train.

Of course there's one problem with taking a KTM train:

It is run by Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad.

Which means that it is a lesson in inefficiency. University economics professors flock to our great train company just to study the great effort put into making sure things are never running on time. In fact, Yovec's 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective People drew major inspiration from KTMB.

Can you imagine how surprised I was when the train arrived back in KL 2 hours late? My, I was more shocked than Samy Velu when he realised he wasn't going to have a cabinet post this time around...


Nonetheless it still was an interesting experience.

Look! Couple seats! Except of course I was travelling with my grandma....

The train has a very intriguing sign on its toilets...

Like, huh?

Until of course I figured out why...

Just out of sheer curiosity I peered down the toilet hole.

And yes you guessed it - I can see the fucking tracks rushing by below.

PEOPLE!! There's a reason why they tell you not to walk on the tracks. Now you know.

Oh and there's also another sign...

Well signs with rules on them (or rather rules in general) are merely suggestions to me...

I'll try to compile the videos I took leaning out of the train door. Almost got a manicure from passing bridge railings and tunnel walls. But it was awesome nonetheless!