April 16th, 2008

Nerdism quirks

I just spent the last few days reading all the comics on xkcd.

The nerdiest thing is, I get just about all the jokes save for the programming ones.

Additionally I do actually walk funny when crossing tiled floors. In some strange attempt to create a fixed pattern in my footsteps, I would either walk on all the darker tiles or every alternate one depending on how far apart they are.

In Singapore where there are storm drain covers on the side walks, I would maintain a steady walking pattern so that either my left foot or right foot always strikes the metal drain covers with an exact number of steps between each cover. I.e:

Left (clunk!) Right Left Right Left (clunk!) Right Left....

And then of course I get annoyed when going around corners, since the next drain cover would be a bit further and I would have to shift the oscillation of my foot-strike-drain-cover pattern by one step or π/2 phase forwards...

Then of course there are other random quirks I have, like trying to create symmetrical patterns by imaginarily tracing lines joining the corners of my ceiling boards. Or shifting my position so that from my view, the open window pane forms right-angled triangles with the grille. Or constantly calculating in my mind the shortest route through any locale (pythagoras usually works here).

I'm definitely a Class-A example of nerdism. And I'm proud of it, motherfucker!