April 14th, 2008


Firstly, thankiuu for all the birthday wishes, friends, Romans and countrymen!!! (^___^)

You guys fucking rawk!! =)

The Beagles.

Aside from dinner with my mom yesterday, I got a set of Altec Lansi speakers from me dad.

But since I'm a very lazy person, I haven't hooked it up yet. Thus I'll talk about it anudder day hokay.

Anyway today the gf came over with...

CUPCAKES! Filled with chocolate =)

I'd wanna go on about how delicious it is, but y'all gonna be like, "Yeah lah yeah lah. Sure must say nice cos ur gf made aight?"

So I wont. I'll just makan only :D

"Eh but Roger, why for your b'day need all the hearty hearty stuff on your cupcakes?"

Cause it's also our 2 month anniversary.

No I won't be writing a "waa two months I lub you dahling with water-based lube" kinda post cause I'm not adolescent enough for that. Nor is our relationship that superficial.

But I will assert that she's the best thing to happen to me, and despite my cynicism towards the concept of 'true love' I find that she's made me believe in it.

For 'true love' I realise is not something you go looking for. It is something you make. It arises from the moments spent together, the manner in which you accommodate each other's idiosyncrasies and insecurities, through the hardships and problems you overcome together.

Here's the music video for that song, dear.

It's a weird arty thing. Rie Fu did go to St Martins haha.