April 13th, 2008

Severe nerdism


That Google has the ability to convert metric or imperial measurements into units within the Potrzebie System of Weights and Measures?

Right click and view image to see full size.

Yes there actually is such a system of measurement. It was developed by Professor Donald Knuth, a renowned computer scientist at Stanford University and touted to be a revolutionary system for the future.

Except of course, the system was created by the good professor when he was 19 and published in only one "scientific" journal: MAD Magazine #33 June 1957.

Which makes it even more amusing that the programmers at Google included a Potrzebie converter into the Google Calculator.

This is a case of severe nerdism - the syndrome where an author includes an obscure reference that only a niche group of like-minded geeks would comprehend.

A prime example would be the xkcd webcomic.

Or of course Knuth's sense of humour.

Anyway go, go! Play with your newfound nerdism unit converter!

Go to Google and type

1 potrzebie in cm

or any of the other units of measurements listed above.