April 6th, 2008

Audio cravings

Ever had audio cravings?

I do regularly. I'd have a song playing in my head, and all I'd wanna do is hear it.

This is of course better than food cravings; the continuous satisfaction of which would result in the local authorities requiring you to wear a reverse indicator and parking sensor on your behind which would by now be the size of a Mercedes Benz's rear lest you crush some poor unsuspecting children.

No, the Mercedes Benz in this case does not refer to the luxury car:

My penis Merce is definitely larger than yours!!

...what, are you feeling angry? Run over here and beat me up - it'll burn off a few calories >:D

Okay before I was so rudely interrupted by myself...

The song currently playing in my head is P.D.A (We Just Don't Care) by John Legend.

Click the link and listen to the lyrics! It's all about public displays of affection =)
Mmm sex in public places...

Speaking of sex have you ever considered abstinence?

Of course I'm not referring to virginal holy peoples who'd faint at the mere mention of fornication (what are you doing reading my blog?!)

I'm speaking to y'all who've had more ass than a donkey farm.

Shrek definitely gets ass.

Have you ever considered the consequences of your actions?

Do you know of the permanent damage that sexually transmitted diseases can cause to your body? There is no known cure for many of these, and they will continue to harm you for the rest of your living days.

What of unwanted pregnancies? If you live in Malaysia there's no legal way to get an abortion. And even if you have access to legal abortions like down south in Singapore, can you allow yourself to technically murder a (albeit undeveloped) fellow human being?

Thus ladies and gentlemen, I strongly urge you to choose abstinence.