April 4th, 2008

Like gravestones

I just visited my very ancient blog.

.And I am quite taken aback.

The tone in which the person wrote those entries, the style in which he wrote, the things that were a priority to him...

These things are all foreign yet at the same time strangely familiar on a deeper plane.

Through it all, the nostalgia, the recollection, the memories...

..only one thought ran through my mind..





Damn, I understand you was me. A less cool, more awkward, far less mature me. I respect you for that but seriously, I would've kicked your ass if I knew you.

A moment of silence people, for the me that was me.


Okay the moment's up! Have a Kleenex you fag.

Moving on, here's a funny pic I got off Sherry's blog:

Just like our old Kayeye classes! Except no one ever raised Sinatra-isms..

On Sherry's blog, if you view it for awhile the background music loads and starts to play.

Thankfully it is something soft and light.

Why thankfully?

Imagine this scenario: Your entire room is quiet, it is dark out. You're leisurely reading through your friend's blog when all of a motherfucking sudden, a hellish rock score blares out of your speakers with more Decibels than the cellulite stretch marks on Britney Spear's ass. Sial la gila babi cheebye aunty fucker!!

Please for the love of your readers' health and mental stability, please please do not put super loud background music for your blog. I don't give two-thirds of a testicle if you think featuring Metallica or Korn would make you seem that one iota cooler.

It doesn't.

You're still a lame-ass who should be thankful I even spare 5 seconds of my time to view your foul scratchings.

P.S: No I'm not referring to anyone in particular. If you were offended then I sure as hell meant it. Please do not give me the URL to your blog until you change your background music. Capisce?