March 19th, 2008

Personal vows

Seeing how I survived vegetarianism even though it's not the most convenient of diets, I suppose I can impose any change I want as long as I announce it to enough people so I can't go back on my word.

Thus... here is a very difficult one for me...


Seriously I have tonnes of backlogged uni apps and some random scholarship apps (that I'll just tembak-tembak try to get la... I hope I can rely on the interview rather than my grades haa..).

And I'll start on this vow... tomorrow.

HAHA kidding no more procrastinating from now on.

Oh and people who are applying for unis..!!!

Don't write anything too funky on your blogs aye. Employers and university deans will check your Friendster, Facebook and blogs nowadays in the age of e-everything.

But don't on the other hand write some suck-up shit lol. Then the only people who'll be interested in reading your boring-ass sycophant blog would be the deans and employers...