March 17th, 2008



Seriously! Except for one or two incidences where I ate meat because I didn't know it was meat or did so cos my bos belanja me makan a very big and very delicious curry fish head.

Yeah I'd admit it was good but the image of meat does not tempt me one bit.

Strangely even though I'd been an avid carnivore I did not feel some overbearing need over the last one month to consume flesh. It's not something as addictively pleasurable as sex - it's just food.

It's like just walking past McDonald's and not popping in to consume their fries. It's a choice.

Okay BAD EXAMPLE. McD's fries are freaking irresistible. I think they put marijuana into their fries to make sure you get hooked and keep going back for more...

So anyway right, on Saturday I found a vegetarian restaurant near my place. Yeah imagine that - within walking distance. (Except in Malaysia we rarely walk since it's not so safe).

Check out the deco. Too bad the shop's in some unknown corner of PJS1.

The servings are quite large. It comes to about RM15 a head. "WHAT?! BUT THERE'S NO MEAT INSIDE!" Whatever Mr Economist. It tastes good and I get to keep being a veggie so I'm happy.

I think vegetarian food should be renamed as 'Lingam food'...

"It looks like meat, it tastes like meat, but I won't say for sure that it is meat."

I've been listening to 'Anyone Else But You' from the Juno soundtrack. I so think it's our song. =)