March 4th, 2008

"You turn out to be...

...just pure love to me."

You really do.

And perhaps we are more than I ever expected.

And I am glad for that; as transient as we may be.

But alas is that not the property of all great romances?

We may be but another Murakami-esque tragedy.


politics [pol-i-tiks] -noun |
>Many tiny blood sucking arachnids. Originates from Greek poli meaning 'many' and ticks referring to a small arachnid that lives on blood.

politikus [pol-i-tee-koos] -noun |
>A term that originates from Malaysia referring to politicians. Its roots words are the Greek poli meaning 'many' and Malay tikus meaning rat, a small rodent that spreads disease.

Elections are coming on the 8th of March and on the streets a flurry of political banners and posters wage an all out war in bring primary colours. They scream in full THX Surround Sound™ for the passing observer to vote for a plethora of candidates. "EDWARD LEE" bellows one, only to be countered by another much larger banner proclaiming messages of hope from a certain Dr Lim Thuang Seng.

In a nearby housing estate posters promoting Nurul Izzah Anwar, daughter of framed deposed ex-Deputy Prime Minster Anwar Ibrahim, duels with similar posters of Shahrizat, the incumbent. They cling to trees lining the main roadway, jostling for prominent positions so as to garner the most views.

Hmmm, speaking of which...

Shahrizat Abdul Jalil
"Hi I'm Shahrizat, incumbent of P121 Lembah Pantai.
Please vote for me!!!"

...everytime I hear the name Shahrizat only one image pops up in my mind:


What?! Charizard pwns and will kick your n00b-ass level 3 Pokemons back to Pellet Town.

Which by the way is the newest constituency in the Federal Territories, known as P666 Pekan Pellet. Its so new its physical location is not known. The voters consist of 2,334,998 postal voters and another 6,773,445 phantom voters. Sounds like a cheat, looks like a cheat, screws like a cheat, but I cannot say for certain which party they will ALL vote for...

Okay but seriously. Elections are the means in which the citizens of a democratic nation can exercise the power they are entitled to by choosing who will represent them in the ruling government. It is through this outlet that the average Joe can ensure that he will always be considered when national policies affecting him are tabled. Such a nation will always ensure that the welfare of all its citizens, regardless of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation, is not neglected.

But we all know that's not how it works here, since democracy in Malaysia is but a tasteless joke - the kind that makes you cringe and sorely tempted to stick an umbrella up the  "comedian's" ass and open it.

No, I am not calling on you to vote the Opposition either. True our current ruling party may be rife with corruption, racism, facism, cronism, economic mismanagement, blatant compromising of the judicial system, inefficiencies and a whole lot of other serious problems.

However I have no guarantees that the Opposition once voted in won't be as corrupted, if not more so than the current government. True having a fresh power in office will definitely flush out the corrupted crony networks within the governmental ranks. But doesn't this just open up opportunities for new cronies of the Opposition to take their place?

It is just like the satirical Animal Farm by George Orwell. In Animal Farm, the animals on the farm chase out the oppressive human farmers, creating a society where every animal has equal social standing. Nonetheless the pigs eventually come to establish themselves as the rulers, as 'some animals are fairer than others'. In the end they are just as oppressive as the human farmers they deposed earlier.

"Fairer than thou!"

I see the solution only in drastic changes of the forces that govern our country. We need free press, more transparency, more accountability from officials, we need electoral constituencies properly divided to ensure everyone has equal representation, the ability to voice our grouses via demonstrations in a non-violent fashion, a judicial system that is truly independent from the executive bodies of the government, and most importantly we need more awareness from the rakyat themselves.

Take the example of France. The government there cannot so much as scratch their balls the wrong way lest it draws the ire of a sufficient number of citizens to warrant street protests. There is a government that fears its people and not the other way around. That is the way a true democracy works.

Unfortunately at the present we have a government that truly has embedded themselves with their power control systems. We can't expose their dirty business as they control the media. We can't take corrupt officials up in court as the ACA doesn't stand for Anti Corruption Agency but rather Actively Corrupt Associates. The court itself is of course controlled by the very people it should keep in check. We can't protest as the police won't allow it - and the media will of course report the protesters as 'terrorists'.

Where is the democracy?

Perhaps we need a new flag...

Komunis Malaya

"Da, komarade General!"