March 3rd, 2008

New Heights

I love dogs. Well the big ones at least. Oh and beagles cause they're unbearably cute.

So anyway while I was dropping Aunty Nyat (lol blame my mom for your silly nickname) off yesterday I heard a dog barking from the nearby house.

Now I happen to know for a fact that the next door neighbour has an unbearably cute beagle =)

But it wasn't the beagle that was barking. Not that it would - it's an unbearably cute beagle that tends to shy away from strangers and hide behind a car, meekly peeking from behind the vehicle in an unbearably cute fashion...

..alright I shall stop digressing about the unbearably cute beagle =D

The barking animal was a German Shepard two doors down. As I got closer, it seemed to calm a little. Cool.

I crouched in front of the iron gate, held out a hand (out of range of the dog's muzzle of course) and said, 'Shake.'

And she shook my hand.

WHOA it's one of those OMG-SHO-KEWT moments!

Cute but not very good as a guard dog, aye..

Anyways, Nyat took me on a walk around her neighbourhood in Damansara Heights...

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In other news, Red Letter day has arrived for us the 2006/2007 Singapore A level batch. This Friday, 2:30pm. Read all about it here.

Mr Gulati, Ms Juniardi Saman - how about that long stiff drink that drowns out conscious thought...