February 27th, 2008

Kanban ga arimasu..!!

You can see funny signs everywhere if you look for them. And no I'm not only refering to our world-wide famous 'Jangan berlaku sumbang' (No hanky-panky) signs in our parks..

jangan berlaku sumbang dan sebagainya

...which is nowadays coupled with warnings not to hang your clothes in the park -_____-

Who the heck hangs their clothes in a public playground anyway?!

But that's not my point here. My point is...

Sure, the chinese makes sense. But 'sam seng' refers to an unruly hooligan who enjoys causing trouble and being violent to innocent bystanders -____-

Or this van in Taman Desa:

'Taiko' doesn't mean much in Malaysia, but back in Sg everytime you inadvertently caused a desired outcome it is a 'taiko' event.

For example:

*A gets a triple kill in DoTA when he accidentally suicide bombs his Techies right as a Pudge hooks him in*

You get the point. No I don't play DoTA.

Other times it's just grammatical:

Like for example this van which carries termites in it, ready to infest your house if they're feeling nasty. Jam sure is a cruel person.

In other cases, some things just don't sound so good in Engrish:

I'm going to venture that just like the Oral-Me toothpaste this restaurant got its name when the secretary was making a remark about the qualities of a specific section of her boss' anatomy...

On a more sombre note though, other signs in public attempt to raise awareness on pressing issues:

"Why must there be violence towards women?"

I wish I knew. Go ask Mr Tu-Long and his secretary...


Yes, Incubus is coming to Malaysia!

Not as part of their official tour though, but as part of a music festival thingy, the Sunburst KL 2008 International Music Festival.

It's confirmed by this YouTube with Brandon Boyd the frontman announcing it: don't get dizzyyy @__@


OH OH and this is unconfirmed (on my part), but since Incubus is performing in Singapore on March 7th anyone wanna go sneaking around the premises of the park with me to catch a glimpse of the band?

I'm pretty sure the A level results are out around that time. No I refuse to let you mope about it, you gotta come do crazy shit with me!

Rawr! And yeah I'd rather watch them perform but... haih SGD100+ when converted to my sucky Malaysian money..... you get the idea.

I'm just a poor boy from a poor family
He's just a poor boy from a poor family
Spare him his life from this monstrosity!

Random whoo! Who's with me?!?!!