February 23rd, 2008


I can't stick to organised schedules for getting things done. Seriously.

The way I tend to accomplish most of everything I do is through acts of obsession. I realised this last night... while binging on an obsession of mine. I'd work tirelessly without taking a break when going on such a streak - it is almost like being on crystal meth.. without fucking your brain up.

Examples include drawing like this piece, guitaring or random projects. In fact a great proportion of the random facts I throw out whenever conversations get boring come from my internet binges where I scour the net continuously for hours on end looking for interesting things to read.

By normal standards it's unhealthy and shit. But it's the only way I work. Thus if I want to achieve anything I'd have to make it an obsession of mine so it will be the focus of my next obsessive work binges.

So anyway I've not been updating as frequently. That's because I'm usually shagged at night when I use the computer and thus feel too lazy to have any productive output. This is even though I'd think of interesting things to write about during the day. These ideas, they tend to run away like chickens from Colonel Sanders whenever I am tired. Vicious aye.

Anyway (okay I used this connector in the previous paragraph.. let's start over..)

..On aonther note, organised crime movies are the bomb

If you've become a pussy-whipped boyfriend or are a dateless neutered doormat nice guy, please do yourself a fucking favour and rent a few organised crime movies. No, do not ask the girlfriend/missus whether you're allowed to -____-

Observe the leading males in the movies - more so the crime bosses.They package all the admirable traits that make a man a man with enough vices to give them that dangerous wild side so they're never the boring nice guy.

And movie critics seem enamored by such criminal alpha males, evident of course by the sheer number of Academy Award wins and nominations for crime movies.

The Departed comes to mind with 4 Oscars. More recent examples would be Eastern Promises (Viggo Mortensen is nominated for best actor, and yes he fights naked in the movie) and American Gangster (2 nominations). Of course I wouldn't leave out the classic Godfather series.

So get yourself organised... crime.