February 18th, 2008

Satu lagi projek Barisan Nasional!

Alright now onto another one of my personal development tirades!

"Ya, ini satu lagi projek Barisan Nasional!"

(Don't you just love that phrase? Especially printed on a signboard in front of some dilapidated government project...)

Ok digression aside, I'm becoming a veggie tomorrow!

And you can bet your last pieces of gold that I'll follow through, simply cause I tend to do what I say - especially if I say it here on my blog. Sure what - I'll be super paiseh if you, the honourable reader came up to me asked me how's my vegetarian diet holding up while I really wasn't following thru on it...

Which brings me to the issue of accountability. I realise that I can leverage myself into fulfilling my goals if I simply write them down here. So here goes...

Daily goals:

Read 20 pages of stock material
>At least until I finish re-learning Photoreading....

Re-learn Photoreading
>I didn't use it for awhile so it rusted -____-
>Listen to a tape a day

>Weights or that shit they do for crossfit lol

Open 5 sets
>3 warm up sets followed by the day's actual 5
>Increase with proficiency

Sleep properly
>Fixed sleeping and waking times

And I have to do all this without taking more time than necessary for the day to be considered minimally productive. Which garners a tick on my productivity chain calender thingy.

Wish me luck! I'd recommend anyone who wants to get anything done to do the same. Remember, live with passion!