February 11th, 2008

Random V-Day Quiz

Yes folks, Valentine's Day is coming up so I'm stealing this questionnaire off Claire-bleh's blog =)

(Eh Claire see I so sporting do your quiz lol)

  • What is your idea of a perfect date?
Kick back and have a beer while watching football.

Ow! Okay stop hitting me, ladies! >___<

Perfect date eh...

I quote the MTV Card advertisement: "It's not what you do, it's who you do it with."

Yes I know it sounds very sexual but you get the point. It's more important who you're dating. Any kinda activity is fine as long as it's fun and memorable.

  • The 1st thing that would attract u to a gal?
Height =)

  • What can a gal do to take your breath away?
Not brush her teeth for a week straight.

Seriously, she just has to be there - if I'm dating her she'd take my breath away any time ;)

  • Turn on & Turn off?
Turn on: A sense of humour, ambition and vision, an intellectual side, kindness, some crazy bubbly-ness, and of course the regular guy staples: boobs, ass and legs.

Turn off: Act cute but definitely absolutely positively NOT cute. Wahliao weyh make me wanna puke!

Wait -- turn on in a sexual sense issit? Just show up naked and initiate foreplay lor.........

  • How would u like your perfect date to end?
I don't want it do end...

...so I'll take the gal home with me whee *cheekopek grin*
  • What would u like the gal to wear on a date?
Surprise me.

Yayy I's done it. Now I tag... whoever's interested in doing these meme things. I usually don't lol..