February 6th, 2008


I've been thinking of trying out a vegetarian diet for a month.

Yeah I know what you're saying...

WHAT???? Miss out on all that delicious meat???? 0____o

Well yeah.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not a fanatical 'LET'S SAVE THE ANIMALS!' kinda person.

Sure, for one thing I wouldn't buy products like these

simply because I don't like the sight of whales on the packaging of fish products. Doesn't make the product look very dolphin and whale safe does it?

The worst thing is there are people out there murdering poor whales thanks to a loophole in international law. Given half a chance I'd like to be out there launching stink bomb mortars onto Japanese whaling ships.

However that may be more because I love blowing things up than because I wanna save the whales =P

OK so maybe I wanna save some animals. Just not the chickens and cows and pigs that end up in my McSlaughter burgers, thank you very much.

Eh I digressed... why didn't you stop me -___-

Ima become a veggie.

So anyway I'm considering vegetarianism for health reasons. Apparently cutting animal products (save for eggs and dairy for lacto-ovo-vegetarians) out of your diet boosts your energy, increases mental clarity, and reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Which would help me a lot cause these past few weeks I've been really sluggish and sleepy just about all the time.

That, and just about all the personal development figures I know seem to be vegans. These are people who espouse a mentality of making the most out of life, so there's gotta be something to it, right? Here are some links:

Tony Robbins
Steve Pavlina

Still skeptical? I know I am. Which is why I have to try it!

...after Chinese New Year la lol. Takkan disappoint my relatives by not eating their food right :P

Oh and yeah eating sugar and processed carbohydrates will kill you, too. So I think Ima cut those out as well.