February 3rd, 2008

Totally random peektures!

Phallic symbols are all around!! 0___o

phallic symbols

Cheeky bastard storekeeper must be really bored -____-

Anyways, apparently they put signs in toilet stalls nowadays urging the general public to use the amenities properly. Like the following sign I spotted in Ikano Powder Center:

The no smoking sign you'd probably get easily. The footsteps??

Well for the uneducated, it's basically telling you to not stand on the toilet bowl. If you have to wonder what's wrong about that, read this Wikipedia article on toilet related injuries.

Honestly how stupid can people get? My dad told me of a case some time ago where he had to stitch up deep slashes on a boy's buttocks. Yes you probably guessed it already - the toilet bowl he was squatting on broke and the porcelain slashed his arse. Ouch, right...

Ladies take note - please take the time to clean the toilet seat or find a squatting toilet...

Oh and here's a little something for Suu:

A sign they were selling in Sogo, KL. This'll add a touch of homely humour to your B&B don't you think?