January 30th, 2008


Wow this is really cool. I found this off Tynan's forums..

It's an accountabilitly system to ensure you spend your days productively!

Essentially it works this way: Any day where you've done the necessary things to move you closer to your goals, you mark that day off on your calender. Thus you try to create a long chain of days that are marked on your calender without breaking the chain.

You can read about the original idea here. It's actually form Jerry Seinfeld.

Read it here.

Oh and here's a site where you can implement the system via an online calender - which is pretty much more efficient for me since I'm online most of the time anyway.

Online calender thiger

Everytime I break the chain I'll post it here. I want y'all to kick my ass when that happens!

Thank you. Here's to a more (re)productive life!