January 26th, 2008

Fucking THIEVES!!

For a large part of Thursday I was constantly worried, for I had this strong gut feeling that I would get my sling bag snatched while going to work the next day. It was more than a feeling - it was something like a certainty to me.

However, living in the paradigm of empirical science, certainly I couldn't have taken a mere gut feeling seriously enough to not go to work the next day.

So off I went on Friday morning, taking the usual path towards the KTM. Of course though I still had some anxiety, and I would constantly keep a look out for any criminal types lurking around. Everytime a motorcycle rode by, I trained my eye on it, ready to dodge a would-be bag snatcher.

With the KTM station in view, I began to easy up. It was all beginning to seem a little silly to me, being so paranoid. One final motorcycle passed by, and I stared down the riders. They passed me without any incident. All was good.

Then, a scream from behind. It was the bike that had just passed me, and they were fucking robbing a lady who was walking a little ways behind me!!

I could only stand there with a 0___o expression and go 'wtf'. Thankfully some people came out from the nearby houses and chased the robbers away. I hope the lady's alright...

Honestly, this looks like the work of The Law of Attraction - whatever you constantly think of with great emotional intensity you manifest into this world. In my case I accidently manifested it for the poor lady who was walking behind me...

Or I could be psychic and predicted that this would happen from my intuition.

Orrr... it could just be a coincidence.

Nonetheless, scientifically you would go for the simplest explanation (Occam's Razor) so the last explanation would seem to fit best.

Blah fuck that I'm going with the Law of Attraction!

Ima go off to think passionately about money by the fucking truckloads with extreme emotions of joy and perverse pleasure! Rawr!