January 19th, 2008

Let's make a killing

I'm officially a day-trader/remisier in training!

Inter Pacific reception

I started "work" at Inter Pacific Securities on Tuesday (15th Jan) as a disciple to sifu Mr Ho. Yes we have to do all that heavy water fetching from the well, eating with one chopstick, serving tea to the sifu exactly like in them Shaw Brothers kung-fu movies.

No, really. Right now we're doing that kung fu exercise where you stab sand grains with your first two fingers.

Okay fine I'm glad you didn't believe me. Right..?

Anyway I say "work" because we (me and Mr Ho's nephew) don't do any work. No fetching water or anything - we just watch and learn. But of course, no work equals no pay -___-

Well duh! Zero labour equals zero value. Classical economics!

Therefore for the benefit of the mentally retarded, let me relabel what I'm doing for your benefit: I am taking a free course on day trading. Yes, a FREE course on day trading. A FREE course on day trading.

Yes you kiasu's - I know I got your fucking attention.

Trading graphs  screenshot
Look at all the pretty numbers...

It turns out I actually quite enjoy day trading. This is a job that panders to my personality strengths:

Great affinity for taking calculated risks? Check.
Heck care attitude when you lose? Check.
Ablity to disconnect your emotions from your actions? Check.
Finding great pleasure in dealing with impersonal theories to produce results? Check!
Enjoy staring at stats going up and down all day? Check! (Beats staring at my blog's pathetic stats LOL)
Realising that if you win, some poor chaps are losing money yet it still feels so fucking good? CHECK!!!!

Trading also involves making assumptions and then having the discipline to stick by them. And of course, having the ability to cast aside your pride to admit your mistakes when your assumptions make an ass of you.

Sounds like something I learnt in another discipline aye?

Yes the two are higly similar actually. I'll write about it soon enough.

And yeah, you are a tradable commodity but I sold off all your stocks the moment I got within 10 points of cutting even. While true your stock has risen above the previous resistance point (normal technical analysis suggest that in this situation the stock should skyrocket) market forces suggest that your stock cannot hold (fundamental analysis should never be neglected).

But we'll see perhaps once the American sub-prime crisis is over and the Dow Jones index has recovered.

Fuck I lurrrrve stock jargon!!