January 9th, 2008

The NT factor

I've just listened to 'Southern Girl' by Incubus about 4 times now.

Funny, in my context 'Southern girl could you want me?' would mean me pining for some chick I left down south in Singapore =P


But it doesn't make it any less fun to start conversations with my Singaporean contacts with 'Southern girl could you want me?' HAHA.

So random....

Anyway Ima talk a little about Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a system used to classify people's personality.

I really love this system since it gives a very accurate representation of people, predicts their motivations and behaviours, and generally helps my interactions with people. Oh and it's also very cool to use since people think I'm psychic for reading their personality lol...

MBTI is a system developed to assess your basic psychological structure, and would fit you into any one of sixteen psychological types. Each psychological type is typified by 4 pairs of opposing psychological preferences:
Extraversion or Introversion
Sensing or iNtuition
Feeling or Thinking
Judging or Perceiving

I'm too lazy to explain about the underlying idea of MBTI and what it all means, and I have an idea that you're more likely not too keen on knowing anyway, so read the links for more information. Ima get to the point =P

In case you didn't already know, I am an ENTP (Extraverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving).

That would make me one with an NT temperament also known as the Rational temperament. This includes the following MBTI types: INTP, ENTP, INTJ, ENTJ.

Now I'm getting to the point hahah. The point is that us Rational temperament people are primarily focused on abstract ideas and the search for truth/knowledge.

I am willing to bet my arse that anyone who bothered to click the links I presented above is probably a fellow NT type or at the very least a NF / Idealist temperament type (that like the NT has the iNtuitive preference that deals with the abstract).

The interesting thing is that people with a Sensing preference do not always like dealing with abstract ideas. A typical scene I see is when an NT attempts to converse with either a SJ (Guardian temperament) or SP (Artisan temperament) who are more down to earth types (less abstract focused) goes like this:

NT: Oh, did you know.. that within the center of a neutron star is a clump of matter so dense that if you just took a teaspoon of it it would weigh...
S: Heyyy look at the pretty clouds!!!
NT: -____________-|||

So to my NT type friends, be a little considerate - SJ's and SP's (who make up the majority of the population lol) might not be too interested in a drawn out conversation regarding quantum physics lol.

Okay now to get to the personal point - the more down to earth part about MBTI lol!

I realise I constantly control what I write in my blog to make it more widely acceptable. As it is, I feel that this looong post on some wierd-ass psychological school of thought would only be read by a few (hey I'm not trying to discriminate here lol but that is the way it is) seeing as how Sensing preference permeates the majority.

Furthermore my interactions with my mum (an ESFJ) tends to illustrate how much Sensing types love my abstract big-idea'ed conversations: they'd rather watch a drop of water dry on wet paint..

I would rattle on and on about some theory and my mom would pretend to listen to me out of politness or just suddenly change the topic to something I consider mundane at the moment.

Interactions with others yield the same results. However at the very least I have some iNtuitive preferenced friends who I can shoot ideas with. It's funny since during outings the iNtuitives will stick together and chat while the rest (note: majority) go about with their own conversations.

Not surprising really - iNtuitives find the Sensing's choice of conversation (namely what is here and now, the present and relevant) fucking boring. We'd rather talking about possibilities, ideas, inventions, theories and all manner of abstract shit. Which of course the Sensings think to be irrelevant mental wanking =P

Ah c'est la vie!