Fire sale

Okay I realise that this is freakingly maddeningly pants-wetteningly other-adjectively late, but I've finally moved!!

Yeap while halobenzene@livejournal will not longer operate, I will now be writing at...

Bookmark the new link and relink your old website links!!

Other than that, this site is now officially...


Leave flowers at the door and whatnot.

Closing Down Sale!!!

Yes people break out in crass unreasonable panic! The rumours are true!

halobenzene @ livejournal is closing down!

After a great two years, I have decided to cease operations here.

Hope you've enjoyed the ride; feel free to browse through the archives for my previous foul scratchings.

Oh and everything here's on sale, even the kitchen sink! It's a fire sale people - so it's all going for CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!

The sale will be held after the decommissioning ceremony which will proceed within 2 weeks. Keep your wallets ready ladies and gentlemen!


As I was walking towards Harbourfront Center yesterday I noticed a cordoned-off building...

It didn't take long to figure out what building it was.

According to this site, Merrill Lynch is supposed to be renting  Harbourfront Place and would begin operations there in January 2009.

Ha ha. Good luck with that.

Doing what I want

As it turns out I get to do everything I want to do.

Drawing, CG design, guitaring, vocaling, writing, shooting, jogging, talk cocking, socialising, and more. In fact, I get "paid" CCA points to do these things.

The only problem is I probably don't have the time to do everything.

Thus hall is great if you have a lot of interests and hobbies.

But if you're a lazy slack-ass like me it is also a bane just because you have get to do everything.

Ah but then again I'm rarely lazy when it comes to doing things I like. The most prominent is of course building illegal devices while back at McNair. A lot of work and no rewards at the end except the satisfaction of smoking a sheesha I made with my own hands.

Anyway, Imma hafta drop by the bank to apply for an account that'll let me purchase things online. Namely, webhosting. Yes I'm going through with it. Anyone care to offer some knollij on hosted .com's?

LHC causes armageddon, gamers rejoice

Nothing new but...

Gordon Freeman was spotted at the Large Hard-on Collider.

Anyone who's played Half-Life would attest to the fact that having Mr Freeman in the vicinity of important scientific experiments (especially those involving complicated science equipment located in a huge laboratory complex dug in the ground) more often than not ends in disaster.

Generally, the fiasco begins with aliens coming through portals created by the experiment. Ultimately an advanced alien race conquers Earth and enslaves humanity.

But at least that sure beats having the entire planet sucked into a black hole.

In the meantime...

Keep your crowbars handy, ladies and gentlemen!

Randomly (a)musing

We all like eggs.

Sure we do.

But while the shell of the egg is part of the essence of what makes an egg an egg, we don't want to consume the shell.

We only want the soft insides of an egg. The tough exterior goes into the waste bin.

Thus I know what I want.

And concordantly, I wouldn't care about whether the shell is a quintessential part of the egg. I will do without it, even if (for those who are really anal) you argue that an egg without the shell is no longer truly an egg.

Give me a shell-less egg any day.

Oh and I like unbalanced sugar overdoses. So add to my list a gigantic ball of cotton candy.

So much empty calories it's fulfilling!

Imma move

I just completed preliminary research into webhosting. I guess I really am going through with the idea of getting a hosted blog.

It is kinda like how some men have affairs and buy fast cars when they have a mid-life crisis. Well, I'm having a quarter life crisis now, alright. Except instead of cheating on my gal and purchasing a remote control car (real car later ok - the million dollar deal is still on) I start a hosted blog.

Speaking of the million dollar deal, I made a bet with Kevin some time ago that by the end of my 2nd year at NUS I'll have a net worth of USD1,000,000 or he gets to bitch-slap me. Additionally at the end of my 4th year (or 1st year out of uni depending on whether I get honoured) he gets to sucker punch me.

Ridiculous eh.

Well, it's just as ridiculous as thinking that the Large Hadron Collider is going to kill us all.

The only thing the LHC has achieved so far is to provide a lot of fodder for doomsayers and of course gay porn.

Gay porn?

Well yes. What do you think a Large Hard-on Collider would refer to...


Whoever said that university life would be a walk in the park compared to JC is seriously more misguided than the "smart" bombs the US drops on innocent civilians.

Other than that, I went for air rifle trials today.

And realised how suay I can get.

After shooting off my preliminary shots, my rifle ran out of gas just when I started on the actual target cards.

Not fun at all. I did not have enough time to shoot with a new rifle and felt too shagged to do it properly anyway. Rawr.

Like, watch this space

Damn I realise I've practically abandoned this blog.

Alright I shall try to post more often. Its not that I'm not having interesting shit to write about. It's just that I don't feel like writing about them.

Anyway on another note, I'm thinking of shifting from LJ to a hosted blog on my own .com instead. Would that be awesome or just awesome?

I'm thinking something like '' or something similar.

What do you think?

Like, omfg

I was stepping out of Hall today to get my bloody printer fixed (a story for another post I promise!) when I walked past two gals.

Gal 1: Heyyyyy Roger!!

Me: Erm...??

Gal 1: don't remember me?

Me: Uh...I'm bad with names and faces.

Gal 1: This is the second time already!

Gal 2
: Huh so you don't remember me too?

: Nope...?

Gal 1 + 2: *tulan*

Me: *tries to rack brains on identity of duo*

Seriously wattafak.

It's like I'm a US Army Humvee peacefully driving along Al-Fakher street in Baghdad minding my own business and checking out the chicks decked out in their burqas (wow I see a wrist! omfg) when I get hit by a roadside IED of sorts.

Even now I'm racking my brains trying to remember where I met them. Lectures? Hall? CCA's? JC? Off the street?

Generally, if I've added you on Facebook and you've had face-time with me for upwards of an hour you'd be saved in my mental phonebook.

On the other hand if you're on my Facebook and have hung out with me awhile yet I still cannot remember you, its probably not my fault. You're probably just not noticable enough to stand out in my memory =P

If you're as freaky as this chap I'd definitely remember you.

Nonetheless there's a lot of folks I've met randomly who I've not Facebooked or gotten to know better yet...

Which leads me back to the main situation. What's a good comeback for 'you've don't remember me?!'?

How about..

"Nope. You blend in with the wallpaper you see."

"Oh fuck. Did we have sex before?"

"Please don't tell me you know what I did last summer... *break into story of crazy events last summer*"

"Are you a swimsuit model with a 36D bustline? No? Ok that explains it."

"Should I?"